As we develop custom software, each project is different from the other and cannot be disclosed in detail.
We currently don’t offer any mainstream products, but only custom-made ones.

With regards to this, we would like to specify the main development paths for the systems we pride ourselves being experts in:


Single PC applications:

  • Systems for monitoring and automating 3rd party applications making their use more intuitive and productive for the user (automated entry, monitoring application’s output and reacting/alarming the user of the results)
  • Image analysis and tagging
  • Small utilities for quick and easy document storage/reproduction


Server applications:

  • Maintainance, aggregation and datamining of large databases
  • Automated updates of huge databases based on predefined datasources (emails, text files, xml, html sources)


Distributed systems:

  • Virtual distributed systems using WCF and Web services designed around Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure technology
  • Development of application servers, control applications and slave applications to perform certain tasks (web crawling, aggregation, scanning and image analysis etc…)
  • Augmenting those systems with order management, process and computing power management, document management and other business intelligence services for our user to utilize the data collected and aggregated by the system


If you are interested in further elaboration for any of our development paths, please contact us at:


Thank you.